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NURAL CONSTRUCTION aims to establish the Total Quality Management philosophy in the entire field of activity in the long term.

NURAL CONSTRUCTION was established in order to effectively establish and maintain the Total Quality Management philosophy. The main purpose of the established system is to ensure that the management carries out all activities in a planned and harmonious manner. In the design of the Quality Management System structure, it is aimed to provide maximum motivation and efficiency.


NURAL CONSTRUCTION Management will ensure that its products and activities comply with legal regulations, NURAL CONSTRUCTION principles and customer expectations; undertakes to take and initiate all necessary measures for this.

NURAL CONSTRUCTION Management undertakes to comply with the defined, implemented and implemented Quality Management System and to allocate the resources necessary for the optimal operation of the system and to ensure that this is understood by all employees.

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Take a look at our most recent project. Architecture the inila miss uman saten eliten finibus vivera alacus themone the drudean seneice muscibe noten tofermen. Design architecture duiman viverra nec a fermen.

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NURAL Dorm, South Campus of Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, TRNC / Mersin 10 Turkey

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